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Find your airline's website in the FWK airline directory. Then search for information about flying with an infant or small child. Check that your airline allows you to pre-book baby bassinet (sky cot) before the day of travel - not all will - otherwise you must wait until check-in to see if a bassinet is available.


It is always advisable to check the requirement of visa for the country you are intending to visit. If you already have a visa, it is a good practice to recheck the validity and whether it allows multiple entries.

Flight Time/Date of travel: Please re-check on the ticket the scheduled departure time and date of your travel. Economy class passengers are generally expected to report for check-in 3-4 hours prior to scheduled departure time. Particular care with respect to date of travel should be taken if the flight timing is soon after mid-night as the effective date of travel changes at mid-night.

Traveling with Children

Allow plenty of time at the airport for check-in, and connecting flights. Remember how much longer it takes to achieve anything with kids in tow and apply the same formula to your travel plans. Smile sweetly and helplessly at everyone and you may get help and be able to queue jump - 'always keep the lid on your blender'.

Ask if your flight is full when checking in. Some assistants will block out the seat next to you in a less full flight or offer you the option of seating next to a vacant seat. This is particularly valuable if traveling with a toddler under 24months without a seat. Get on the plane first and off the plane last to get a better chance of assistance from cabin crew.

Take a set of reins or a harness for a toddler so that you can let him walk around the terminal - but still keep him close at hand. This is a great bonus as you try to pick luggage from the carousel or present documents to airline, customs and immigration officials.

Look out for fast track customs and immigration check points for those traveling with infants.


This is applicable on flights to / from USA or Canada, both when the baggage is through checked to / from USA and Canada, and when there is a stopover at an intermediate point).

Passengers are entitled to carry two pieces of checked-in luggage as per following specifications:

Checked Baggage allowance – USA/Canada - Piece System
First Class and Executive Class
Free Baggage Allowance: 2 pieces.
The sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) must not exceed 62 inches or 158 centimeters for each piece.
The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32 kgs or 70 pounds.      

Economy Class
Free Baggage Allowance: 1 pieces.
The sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) of both must not exceed 107 inches. Moreover the linear dimension of each piece should not exceed 62 inches
The weight of each bag must not exceed 50 pounds or 23 Kilos.       

Infants in all classes
Free Baggage Allowance: 1 piece
The sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) must not exceed 45 inches or 115 centimeters.
In addition they are entitled to 1 collapsible stroller/carrycot/infant car seat.      


Improper carriage of baggage can put one through a lot of inconvenience. Passengers are therefore advised to ensure their baggage is properly packed and tagged. The following tips will be handy.

  • Make sure you know your free checked baggage allowance.
  • Don’t pack any valuables in your checked baggage.
  • Any items over your allowance will be charged as excess baggage.
  • Label your bags correctly with your name and address and remove tags and labels left over from previous flights.
  • Make sure you know your hand baggage allowance and the latest restrictions on carriage of certain items in your hand baggage.
  • Make sure you take medication, important documents, valuable items and cash in your hand baggage.
  • Do not carry packages with unidentified contents on behalf of other people.
  • In some instances you may be required to identify or claim your baggage, for security or local customs reasons, at the connecting point.
  • Do not accept any packets from unknown persons.
  • Do not leave baggage unobserved at any time, especially within airport area. Unattended baggage may be removed by Airport Security Staff as an object of suspicion.
  • Make sure you declare before checking-in, if carrying any arms or explosive substances. Concealment is an offence under the Aircraft Act and Rules.
  • Battery cells in any electrical / electronic items are permissible now & will now not be removed at the security point. Loose battery cells / dry cells carried in the hand baggage are liable to be removed and the airline would not be in a position to hand over the same at the destination. Please carry the same in the checked baggage.
  • Before approaching the check-in counters, you may be required to pass all your pieces of baggage to be checked in through the X-ray machines operated by security personnel.